Garden Design
showcase your property's natural beauty!"


Our approach is simple,


Working with you and our experienced team, we can help enhance your existing commercial or residential landscape into a new, beautiful surrounding you will fall in love with season to season. Whether it be a new landscape, renovating your existing landscape or general maintenance on your current surroundings, we work with you to ensure we accomplish your dream landscape to showcase your property's natural beauty. Always striving for professionalism, practicality, balance and inspiration, we at Richard's Landscape and Property Maintenance take pride in our designs and installation services. With the right plants, flowers, shrubbery, stone etc adding and enhancing the colour, texture and overall appeal of your property, our well-designed landscape will complement the design and overall appeal of your home.




Install   "No matter the size or layout of your space!"

With 10 years of professional landscape experience, Richards Landscaping and Property Maintenance can handle any size and type of landscape jobs including; planting, edging, mulching, raised beds, retaining walls, stone pathways etc. Help your property stand out with a new garden, lawn or outdoor setup. No matter the size or layout of your space, with a new flower bed or simple patio install, we will enhance the overall value and appeal off your property with our various services and unique designs.




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