Snow Removal 

Note: residential plowing is limited to our existing customers, we are not taking new clients


Definitely not what it used to be, but certainly enough to keep us busy!


Rich has been providing snow clearing and salting needs for several years now. He has learned how to deal with the range of snowfalls we see in our region. He typically goes above and beyond to help our clients, making himself available at all times. The crew will take care of your property as needed and more when conditions dictate.


With our upgrades in machinery, Stratford Landscaping continues to entertain accepting new commerical business.  We run trucks, tractors, wheel loaders and salters. Most have blowers as well as pusher blades. We provide both sand/salt mixture and straight salt application for our clients. We offer payment plans and per time rates based on individual needs. 


We still service  some residential clients that have been with us for a long time, however we have been declining taking on additional residential customers. 


Priority is given to our existing clients and we will always hold their spot until mid October. 





Email is preferred for enquiries.